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Feb. 06, 2014

Business Blogs Create Industry Leaders

Blogging is an essential tool for businesses trying to reach customers.

So essential that companies that blog see 55% more site traffic and 70% more leads than companies who don’t. But it won’t do to have just anything on a blog with your name attached to it – the content needs to be valuable. Incorporate some of these blogging best practices to ensure that you transform your site’s strangers into leads and customers.

Begin with a title.

It’s the first thing a visitor will see and should grab their attention without being click-bait. Titles make or break the decision to click. When writing a title it’s essential to be descriptive and include a keyword that communicates a specific benefit to the reader.

Good Title: 8 Things You Could Be Doing to Attract More Visitors

Better Title: 8 Blogging Techniques That Attract Customers

Journalists use a technique in which they list three possible titles before they write a piece. Once the entire piece is written, they choose a title that best fits with the content. Creating a title list that surrounds your keywords with different phrasing provides a good spread of title options. Once a title list is populated, choose the best fit to match the content you have written.

Blog to solve problems.

Don’t use your blog as a soapbox for how great your product is or how awesome you think your company is. People are searching for content because they want to find a solution to something.
What should you be writing about? Comment on industry news that affects your buyer personas. Become a solutionist for your buyer personas and you’ll gain the following you’re looking for.

A solutionist sees conflict and seeks a remedy quickly and efficiently. Consider problems your customers may have and pre-empt them with a blog post. For example, maybe your customers see low traffic around major holidays. Recommend methods for boosting site traffic during annual slow periods. A well-timed blog post establishes the poster as a trendsetter and, if done consistently, an industry leader.

Blog consistently establish yourself as a reliable resource.

Post a blog as often as possible, and no less than once a week. Frequency establishes credibility in the mind of the customer. Regular publishing reduces the chance that readers will forget about your site. If you plan to post a blog on a weekly basis, make sure you’re committed. If you start to post a blog every Tuesday afternoon, loyal subscribers will be looking for a post on Tuesday afternoons. Make sure you deliver. Consistency is a blogger’s best friend.
Need a bit of help creating ideas for blog posts? Check out Jay Acunzo’s method for tackling idea block so you can always have material ready to write about.

Always include a Call-to-Action.

An established solutionist is a resource everyone needs in order to stay current and relevant. Visitors need a way to stay connected and a Call-to-Action at the end of a blog post gives them the chance to convert into a lead. The most effective CTAs are pressure-free, but still convey the message: If you liked this, how about taking it one step further?

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Blogging continues to evolve every day and leaps in social innovation are increasing exponentially. It’s important to establish yourself as someone always watching and ready to evolve with it. If you can continue to adapt to a changing industry and keep readers up-to-speed, you’ll create a successful blog presence that will make you an industry leader in the eyes of your customers.


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