Jan. 20, 2014

What Can Ikea Furniture Teach You About Blogging?

To build something from Ikea you need the essential materials to build something great. Writing a successful blog post is no different.

Have you ever built something from Ikea?
If you have gone through DIY construction and made it out alive, you know that when it comes to building anything from the Scandinavian furniture supplier you absolutely must follow the directions from beginning to end. You must use all of the enclosed materials including screws, dowels, and washers to end up with a stable surface.

Next time you sit down to write a blog post, remember how you approach building anything from Ikea. There are particular guidelines and instructions you need to follow to end up with the product you want. If you rush through a step or skip one entirely, you could end with a wobbly table or an ineffective blog post.

Copyblogger released a thorough infographic outlining the 11 essential ingredients every blog posts needs to help keep content creators on track. Bookmark it, print it out and hang it at your desk, or tattoo it to the inside of your eyelids, whatever works for you.
These ingredients will help you create a blog post with lasting effects.

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]


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