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May. 28, 2014

Add An Inbound Marketer to Your Web Design Team

It's that time again. It's been 2 or 3 years since you last touched your website and it's time to hire an agency to refresh your current project or rebuild from scratch. If you're looking to rebuild because the previous version of your site just didn't do much, your situation might look something like this:

  • You are frustrated that your site didn't and isn't performing as well as you hoped.
  • Your analytics don't indicate trends, popular content, or much of anything for you to work off of.
  • Last time you waited until the designs and wireframes had come to life and the site was up and running before you consulted your marketing team on how to create content and bring in the customers you need. 
  • Creating content internally is a daily struggle and your site is stale.

Before you rebuild your website you need to consult your internal marketing department to take note of the necessary tools they need built into the website's foundation in order to attract future customers. Inbound Marketers understand the needs, wants and desires of your company's buyers personas, which is crucial to getting these unknown visitors to your revamped site.

Inbound marketers understand that driving potential customers to your website isn't an afterthought, but rather an integral piece of strategy that should be built into the redesign. 

More often than not, companies will launch a new website and be discouraged when it doesn't appear in search engine results and doesn't receive a change in traffic. To avoid an outcome like this, SEO tools must be built into the website structure and properly used and updated. SEO should be considered from the beginning of a rebuild or a refresh; sitemaps, tracking codes and redirects are all core components that require an expert eye. As you revise content for your new site, keywords should be thoughtfully and naturally woven into the copy, and attention should be paid to writing unique meta descriptions for each site page.

including an inbound marketer in your web design team
The inbound marketing team should be brought in again as the structuring and wireframe phase finishes and design considerations emerge. Together, inbound and design experts must work to ensure that the new site follows both form and function equally. Important website conversion elements, such as calls-to-action and contact forms, are pieces that can be overlooked my non-marketers.

A good inbound marketer will advocate to include a clear CTA on every page as well as a variety of options for site visitors to contact and connect with your company. Inbound marketers know that social sharing features impact SEO rankings and broaden your sites audience and will advocate to incorporate these features to fuel visitor interaction. 

Website developers, designers and marketers should all be in constant communication to ensure that their efforts are optimized and are all working in sync. Even when your website construction project is completed, it's never truly done for your inbound team. For inbound marketers, driving traffic is a continual effort that requires constant maintenance and upkeep. Months or years from now, when another web development project arises, this newly established web team, with an inbound marketing on the roster, will elevate your website and help you produce the best results. 


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