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May. 02, 2012

Why Drupal Makes Great Sense as a Community Platform

With the imminent debut of Duo CEO Michael Silverman’s new book, Capturing Community: How to Build, Manage and Market Your Online Community, we’ve turned our attention to the benefits that marketers and entrepreneurs can gain from building and participating in web communities. Michael undertook the book project partially to share Duo's experience with building online communities—but there’s another great driving factor.

As a company, we’ve been focused on Drupal as a content management platform for half of a decade. No question that our experience has cultivated some wisdom about building online community. But we are also part of a community - the Drupal community.

Built on a foundation of 17,000+ developers and 800,000+ users, the Drupal community is one of the web’s greatest examples of the power that an online community can wield. Developers, marketers and business owners across the world are all part of this expansive community, and members stay active on a daily basis.

From Drupal’s simple origins to the robust open-source platform it has become, the focus has always been on community interaction—how members collaborate to make the software a better solution for everyone. Collaboration pervades the Drupal platform. It is expressed in the core functionality of a software platform built on community that makes it ideal for other online communities.

Propelled to develop its own strong organizational standard to maintain the community, Drupal echoes that standard in the software itself. For content-rich sites (like web communities), the software provides a robust framework that supports an easy-to-manage website structure.

Acquia, a leading applications developer and hosting source in the Drupal community, has  recognized how the software can be beneficial for communities. They assembled a prebuilt application (a/k/a distribution) called Drupal Commons, and it’s already showing big returns for companies like Twitter, eBay and Mercedes.

Has Drupal’s community origins and philosophy affected your business? We welcome your comment.

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