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Apr. 30, 2012

Managed vs. Free Drupal Hosting

One of the most pressing concerns for new websites being launched is where they plan to be hosted. Moreover, it rarely receives the priority of attention and consideration well in advance of the need. For most companies and organizations, purchasing and maintaining your own servers simply isn’t cost effective, and therefore, you’ll need a hosting provider. There are limitless options out there for hosting with varying degrees of value. Some providers claim to offer free Drupal hosting, but can it compare with managed hosting?

Every hosting provider is different, and which one you choose will depend greatly on your needs. However, there are some universally relevant concepts to consider when choosing one to host your company’s website. First, free Drupal hosting is rarely free. There are options for hosting websites that don’t charge for their use, but these are generally limited to sites without a top-level domain and offer little control over things like page design, content management systems and FTP access. These are meant for personal websites and blogs, and websites built on these platforms are unsuitable for mission-critical corporate use.

While paying for server space from a hosting provider is a better option than free Drupal hosting, it’s far from the best bet. For one, traditional hosting providers often offer little in the way of service. When you buy their services, you’re renting space on their servers, and usually that’s it. Well, you ask, what more could you want?

If you want your website to truly perform to its peak potential, you should consider managed hosting. Duo  offers its clients managed hosting using the Amazon Cloud, which brings with it a host of services not available through traditional hosting. With services like nightly backups, performance tuning, firewall services and application monitoring, Duo can have your Drupal website running it’s best at all times. Case in point is the performance improvements we recently achieved for the recently launched Jones Lang LaSalle website.

In addition, cloud hosting through Duo has the added benefit of scalability. We offer different plans based on the size of your website and bandwidth needed. Because our hosting is cloud-based, it can be scaled as large as you need it to be—growing as your company does without the need for investing in infrastructure - servers, bandwidth and the like.

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