Jan. 31, 2012

DrupalCon Denver Promises Drupal Knowledge Boost

As January ends all the pieces for DrupalCon Denver (March 20 – 22)  are falling into place and the excitement begins to build.

100 Sessions (is just the beginning)

Final sessions have now been selected. There are over 100 sessions across 8 tracks.  This includes new tracks for

  • Non-profit
  • Government
  • Education

in addition to:

  • Community
  • Commerce
  • Mobile
  • Design & User Experience
  • Business & Strategy
  • Coding and Development
  • Site Building
  • Core Conversations

I know, that list doesn’t necessarily race your heart. So let’s look at some session title examples like:

Are you getting the idea? This is not just a tech conference. It’s a celebration and sharing of incredible achievement on an international scale.  There’s 100 of these mind-blowing sessions and many with even cuter titles!

Informal Gatherings Drive Knowledge Transfer

But wait, there’s more. Your speaking proposal didn’t get into the event? No problem.  DrupalCon continues non-stop for 3 days and some might think for 24 hours each day with informal gatherings, code sprints (don’t ask) and birds of a feather groups. The fun and the energy are endless.

Duo’s Drupal Juggernaut

Duonians (we Duo worker bees) can’t resist a party. That’s why nine of us are heading out to Denver to suck up some of that Drupal goodness. As a Silver Sponsor we will also be staffing an exhibit and talking about some of our most recent Drupal successes including:

We are specifically interested participating in Enterprise Drupal discussions related to mobile drupal websites, content migration, configuration management, Drush, maturity of Drupal 7, in-depth module discussions as well as tips and tricks we can share and learn.

Are you going to DrupalCon in Denver? What do you hope to learn?

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