Oct. 07, 2006

New Website Launch Promotion That Gets Attention

After considerable effort you’ve just launched your firm’s new website and you want the world to be in as much awe as you are. What kind of website launch promotion is best to achieve your objectives? Many of our clients have multiple offices, some throughout the United States or even around the globe. For those who work at the firm the new website is a source of pride and a unifying brand representing their company to the world. Sure, they want to see your shiny new toy but they also want to play with it. So give them a game, a purpose and an incentive.When Duo’s skillful project manager, Amy Westerling, was responsible for marketing at Cincinnati law firm Graydon Head & Ritchey LLC, she promoted a scavenger hunt to promote the new site launch. Amy prepared a set of questions supported by the rich content on the website. The challenge was to find the information on the website and submit the answers. Scores of firm members who may only have looked at their own bio or clicked aimlessly around the website now were motivated to find specific information. In their pursuit, they learned more about their own company, discovered the wealth of information contained on the site and developed an appreciation for the ease of navigation resulting from the thoughtful information architecture. With the recent launch of international law firm Clausen Miller PC, Amy again proposed the scavenger hunt and a global hunt ensued from the convenience of the desktop. The volume of responses produced a measurable indication of the promotion’s success.Without debate, your new website should look good. But at the end of the day what matters is the depth of content and how that content helps your site visitor achieve what they want. Try a scavenger hunt for content on your new website to prove to the world that the hard work publishing your new website was focused on satisfying your site visitor’s need for information. And, as always, measure your success.P.S. We haven’t yet tried this as a promotion to external clients. If you embrace this suggestion and promote your new website to your external contacts, send us an email and let us know how it went.

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