The Duo Story

Duo Consulting and digital marketing go back a long time. Our history and content management system (CMS) technology have intersected multiple times over the last 20 years, as the industry moved from document management to web content management to CMS software to marketing automation and the cloud. Duo has been there for organizations who value content – to drive opportunities online - for well over a decade.

Our technology focus evolved from Cold Fusion / ASP to Drupal. As the market moved from Netscape to Internet Explorer (IE) to Chrome, Duo evolved as well. As we chose the name “Duo” to stand for technology and design, we navigated the shift in design standards from Flash to SEO to responsive to mobile-first. We’ve grown and changed with the industry and know how to help organizations leverage content, through collaboration and digital marketing platforms, to create opportunities.

Established in 1999, Duo Consulting has become one of Chicago’s most notable digital agencies (don’t take our word for it: We flourished through three different eras defined by points of inflection. The first era, from 2000-2005 we developed our own CMS. We had to consider whether Duo was a consulting or software company. We chose consulting because creating great work for our clients is what drives the team at Duo. In 2006, we put on our first WebContent conference featuring David Meerman Scott teaching about “Cashing in With Content.”  Future speakers in this groundbreaking conference, that ran for five years, included Jason Fried, Dick Costelo and the intro of Joe Pullizzi to Robert Rose, eventually leading to PNR ( one of the my favorite podcasts.

But by the end of 2010 it was clear that the era of picking the right CMS platform for the job didn’t make sense anymore, as almost any platform, implemented properly, could meet client needs. Now was the time to go deep, sometimes called “T-shaped” ( with one platform and for this we chose Drupal. This choice was another key point of inflection.

Over the last five years the idea of presenting the right content to the right people at the right time finally became a reality with the introduction of marketing automation platforms like HubSpot that provide analytics on an individual (vs. aggregated) basis, and so much more. With Acquia and the move to Drupal 8, Duo has talent and tools to create custom digital marketing and collaboration platforms – and assure adoption by coaching your team on its use. After all, you can’t just join the gym - you have to work up a sweat to see the impact. Content marketing used to be a competitive advantage; now it’s just part of the price of admission for leading organizations.

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